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Dr. Coppel and his highly-credentialed team offer unparalleled expertise, quality of service and the most impressive aesthetic outcomes at affordable prices. Their time, care, and personalized attention to detail are what our clients enjoy the most.

Our team are experts in showing you the love and kindness you deserve, paying attention to detail and they have a desire to make your experience one you will never forget.

All of our senior therapists have received advanced training at the world’s leading post-graduate training facilities. All staff are specialists in their fields and provide an unparalleled level of expertise.

All of our staff undergo extensive training and are regularly updating their skills with the latest techniques in the industry, which goes hand-in-hand with the technologies used in all Nuve clinics.

The Nüve Skincare Team is grateful for every award received over the past number of years. We owe our continued success to our clients and the wonderful Nüve Team.

About Nüve Clinic, a Medical Spa

Nüve is a professional medical spa, where we provide the most-advanced technologies with the highest standards of service. We believe modern cutting-edge beauty treatments should be accessible to everyone, and we are striving to continue making it a reality at our medical spa.

Our cosmetic doctors have perfected the art of non-surgical cosmetic treatments by utilizing the most-advanced, state-of-the-art FDA-approved technologies to provide our customers with face and body enhancements. Our unique success lies within our deep understanding of the underlying scientific foundations of each treatment, allowing us to align the best selection of treatments to your unique skin type. We place immense value on the client-doctor relationship and will always strive to bring you the ultimate in anti-aging, body-slimming and skin-rejuvenation services.

Everything we do at Nüve is aimed at exceeding every client’s expectation for every visit. This is the ‘Nüve way’. Each and every treatment performed at Nüve is performed with love and a true passion for what we do. Our clients and our staff are our ‘Nüve Family.’

Our passion for beauty, perfectionism, and precision is what makes us the leaders in the medical spa industry.

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