Injectable Fillers

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Facial injectables offer a non-surgical way to enhance and rejuvenate the face. With the following injectables, you can get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, reverse volume loss, and enhance facial contours. Facial injectable treatments can help patients achieve a more youthful appearance and may even make it possible for some candidates to postpone the need for facelift surgery.

BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport


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BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport are injectable neurotoxins that erase wrinkles in the forehead and brow area. Using botulinum toxin type A, these injectables slow muscle movement in the treated area to smooth out upper face wrinkles such as frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines that have formed from years of making certain facial expressions. (Your ability to express emotions will not be affected.) The treatment itself is a short “lunchtime procedure” with minimal downtime. Patients can expect their results to last up to four months, and regular treatment sessions can preserve a smooth brow and forehead area long term.



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JUVÉDERM is a popular dermal filler that can enhance skin volume. It is used to reduce wrinkles and fill in areas of volume loss. JUVÉDERM is made of hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and plumps the skin. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and produces instantly-noticeable results that can be maintained with regular treatment sessions over time. JUVÉDERM produces natural-looking results that restore a more youthful appearance.



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Restylane is a hyaluronic acid filler that can reduce wrinkles and improve facial volume to reverse the signs of aging. The treatment itself lasts less than an hour and produces immediately-noticeable results. With Restylane, patients can achieve natural-looking results and a noticeably younger appearance. Results can be maintained with periodic touch-up treatments.



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KYBELLA is an injectable made of deoxycholic acid, which breaks down excess fat. This injectable is used to reduce submental fullness, or in other words, to eliminate a double chin. KYBELLA can be injected into the neck area in a short, 20-minute treatment. Over the following weeks, the deoxycholic acid will break down the excess fat to produce a more slender and defined neckline. Results will become more and more noticeable over the weeks and months. After one to six treatment sessions spaced at least four weeks apart, patients can expect a permanent improvement in their neck contour.

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