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Are you struggling with skin flaws such as acne, scars, wrinkles or age spots? A chemical peel can reduce all these features, significantly improving your skin’s appearance. There are three main types of chemical peels. Lighter treatments work on the skin’s surface layer. medium-depth chemical peels target the epidermis, and deep peels affect the dermis. Your Nüve doctor can advise you on the appropriate chemical peel for your needs, helping you choose the variety that will best treat your skin type.

How Does It Work?

Chemical peels use an acid solution that is applied to your skin. The concentration of acid used will be based on your skin type and the depth of peel you want. These acids remove the skin’s damaged outer layers, causing the regrowth of healthier, younger-looking skin. As the new skin heals, its texture becomes smoother, improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Even acne scars and pigmentation problems can be greatly reduced with a chemical peel, which usually has a long-lasting effect. 

What Is Done During A Chemical Peel?

Procedures vary depending on the depth of peel you choose. Before your treatment, you may need to stop using some medications, or products such as tanning lotion, hair dyes or straighteners, and hair removal creams. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or have a history of herpes outbreaks, as these can affect the type of treatment you receive. You’ll also need to limit sun exposure or use a high-SPF lotion before your procedure in order to prevent any new sun damage. Your doctor will discuss any preparation you need before treatment.

On the day of your treatment, you’ll arrive at the clinic with clean, cosmetic-free skin. Your doctor will cleanse your skin, provide eye and hair protection, and apply a chemical solution. The solution’s contents will vary depending on the sort of peel, but typically may include salicylic, glycolic or carbolic acid. While the product is on your skin, you may experience some tingling or mild stinging. The solution is then removed by washing or applying a neutralizing agent. The treatment takes 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the sort of peel you’re having.

How Long Will It Take My Skin to Heal?

Recovery times vary with different levels of chemical peels. After a light peel, you will likely experience mild swelling, stinging, and redness for a week or so after treatment. You can apply cold compresses to minimize this, and your doctor may prescribe a prescription cream to help reduce these effects. You can usually apply makeup after 24 hours.

A deeper peel can take a few weeks to heal, and will generate more swelling and redness. You should avoid makeup for at least five to seven days – as much as two weeks for a deep peel – and use any ointments your doctor prescribes. Your skin may initially appear lighter or darker than usual, and it will also be more sensitive to the sun after this procedure.  Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding use of sunscreen.

When Will I See The Results?

Again, this will depend on the level of peel you get. It can take several months for new skin to fully appear, particularly with a deeper peel. You’ll usually see the result of a lighter peel within a week or two. The deeper the peel, the more dramatic the results, but in all cases you will see a smoother skin texture and healthier skin tone, with reduced wrinkles and lines. Let Nüve Clinic bring out a younger you!

Nüve is a premier medical spa in Las Vegas, Nevada that offers chemical peel treatment. Contact Nüve today for a free consultation.

June 23, 2022


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