IPL Treatment

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments promote the production of collagen deep in the dermal layers which helps to improve skin laxity and firmness. Pore size is reduced due to the oil regulation from the treatment, fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable and skin looks more radiant and youthful. We also include a complimentary LED Green or Yellow light depending on your skin concerns for healing and regeneration. 

How does IPL treatment work?

ipl treatment

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) works by emitting broad spectrum light that’s able to penetrate the different depths of your skin. Brown pigment tends to be located more superficially, whereas red, vascular pigment sits beneath deeper. IPL energy can traverse all layers and is absorbed by both brown and red pigment, thereby destroying them in the process.

How will IPL treatment help me?

The healing resulting from IPL treatment procedures produces more-even complexions as excess deposits and vascular pigment are worked through the superficial layers of the skin over several sessions. This will leave your skin plumper and smoother, with more even tones and less red ones.

How many treatments does Nuve Clinic recommend?

We recommend 6 treatments that occur 2 weeks apart for the optimum results. We will also prescribe home care practices to maximize your results.

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